Tausha Wilde, Founder 

Tausha Wildes legacy has built the foundation of our program. She has over 20 years of power tumbling, dance, recreational tumbling and all-star cheer, both as an athlete and a coach. She is credentialed in USASF cheer building and tumbling, Positive Coaching Alliance, AACAA safety, ASEP safety, CPR and First Aid.

While not teaching, Tausha spends her time with her husband Bridger and children, Austin and Charli. They love spending their time playing outdoors. Tausha and her staff believe in teaching developmentally appropriate tumbling and cheer skills that build strong self-esteems, courageous and confident athletes in a fun filled, safe and friendly environment.


Kaleb has been with Tumble Central for over 5 years and has coached at every level that Tumble Central offers. Currently, he coaches parkour, back handspring/aerial, and Intermediate/advanced tumbling classes. Kaleb brings more than 15 years of cheerleading and tumbling experience to Tumble Central, both as an athlete and a coach. He has coached recreational tumbling, was the Assistant Captain on the UVSC cheer team, and was Captain on the cheer team while he attended SLCC. Kaleb is a USASF and USAG member, and a trampoline and tumbling certified coach. He is also certified in CPR and First Aid.


Kaleb has a great love for tumbling and cheerleading. We are pleased that he shares his passion with us, and coaches our students to help them to reach their goals and gain confidence to further their progression. Kaleb joined the U.S. Army and served over 7 years on active duty. Afterwards, he served another 7 years as part of the U.S. Army Reserves. Kaleb lives in Midway and enjoys spending time with his loving partner, Elaine, and his 3 wonderful little boys.


Tavia has been with Tumble Central for almost 10 years. As an athlete and as a coach. Tavia has coached all ages and all levels at Tumble Central including Allstar cheer, tumbling, parkour, recreational cheer, and private lessons. She tumbled for 5 years and was an Allstar Cheerleader for 4 years. She danced for 8 years and competitively for 3 years. She has a background in choreography and has loved creating beautiful routines for cheer and dance, bringing home many wins with her choreography. Tavia prides herself on creating a fun and loving atmosphere for all of her athletes and staff. She loves watching the growth of her athletes, from start to finish. She puts her all into watching her athletes succeed. Tavia believes in structure and hard work ethic, teaching each athlete these life lessons to help better prepare them for the future. 


Tavia is first aid and CPR certified. Tavia’s favorite thing about Tumble Central is the atmosphere, she loves the people she is surrounded with and building lifelong relationships with them. Tumble Central has become her home away from home and we love having her apart of our team. Tavia currently lives in Henefer, UT with her incredible boyfriend and animals. When she is not coaching you can find her cooking, baking, doing arts and crafts, or spending time with her family and friends.


Shaylee have been with Tumble Central for 7 years. Shaylee was an all-star cheerleader for 9 years. She has coached every level and age of all-star cheer, recreational cheer, tumbling, and parkour. She is a senior coach over level 1, level 2, and lil’ tumblers. Shaylee is CPR, AED, and First-Aid certified. What Shaylee loves most about coaching is watching her kids grow and learn the same way she used to. She loves to dance and play with the kids and to make sure everyone is having fun while they are learning. 

connor .png

Originally from Lehi, Coach Connor is from Orem UT. He’s been at Tumble Central for over a year now as a cheer coach, occasionally coaching tumbling and parkour. He also works for the United Spirit Association during the summer as a cheer camp instructor, as well as a lot of time practicing with and teaching college athletes all over the state. Connor has been involved with gymnastics for most of his life, training in parkour for 6 years before focusing on cheer for another 6. Cheer and gymnastics has made a big impact on his life, and his favorite part of working at TCA is having a chance to help give the same opportunities to future athletes. When he is not working, he enjoys working on his own skills, going to concerts, and hanging out with friends and family! 


McKynlee Wood was born and raised in the Heber Valley where she graduated from Wasatch High School in 2020. She is currently a junior at the University of Utah where she is studying Parks, Recreation, and Tourism. She has been a part of the cheer and the dance community since she was 4 years old. She danced competitively until she was 14 and then started competitive cheerleading at Tumble Central that same year. She continued her cheerleading career into high school where she competed and won at the region and state level competition all four years of high school. Her senior year she was voted Varsity Captain where she represented and lead her team to both three region and state titles that year. In addition, she took both region and state titles in the individual Jump Off competition her junior and Senior year. After graduation McKynlee started coaching tumbling and cheerleading of all ages. Mckynlee has been apart of the Tumble Central Family for many years. She has coached cheerleading for two years and has taught tumbling on and off for 5. McKynlee is also currently an assistant cheer coach at Park City High School.

McKynlee has a great love and passion for tumbling and cheerleading and believes it can be an awesome way to express yourself; while learning life lessons at the same time. She has been both an athlete and coach and believes it’s made her a better coach. When not coaching, she loves spending time with my family, friends, and boyfriend. She is a sucker for the outdoors and animals. You can catch me fishing, hiking, or playing wit my dogs! 


Anthony has been with Tumble Central for almost a year now and we love having his presence in our gym. He has over 6 years of power tumbling experience and over 4 years of parkour experience. Anthony has taught all levels and ages of parkour and tumbling at Tumble Central. He is CPR and First Aid Certified. Anthony loves his students and co-workers very much! He is always trying to put a smile on everyone’s face! What he loves most about Tumble Central is how everyone that comes into the gym has the opportunity to learn something new including himself! 


Kenzie has worked with Tumble Central for 4 years. She was a dancer and did Allstar Cheer. She started dancing when she was 2 years old. Around her 8th grade year she switched to do Allstar Cheerleading. Kenzie is now a high school cheerleader at Wasatch. This is her senior year and fourth year with her team. Kenzie works with the tumblers ages 3-17, along with recreational cheer and the Allstar Cheerleading program. She loves working with her athletes and can’t wait to come to work everyday! Kenzie works hard to form a great relationship with her students. It’s her goal to keep them motivated and working as hard as they can. 


Kenzies favorite thing about Tumble Central is that she gets to work with amazing people and get to know hundreds of new kids a year. She enjoys seeing her students learn new skills and get excited about what they are doing. When Kenzie is not at work she enjoys cheering at games and competitions, being with her family, and spending time with her friends. 


Kailee has been with tumble central for 11 years both as an athlete and has recently joined as a tumbling coach. She has tumbled for all 11 of those years and did Allstar cheer for 5 of them and is now a WHS cheerleader. She also danced competitively for 4 years. Kailee has taught all ages at tumble central including, preschool, speciality back tucks/back handsprings, level 1, level 2, level 4, and cheer prep! Kailee loves watching students over come there challenges and accomplishing new things! She loves TCA because of the new family she has gained from it. In kailee’s free time she enjoys hanging out with her family, cheering at games, shopping, tumbling, and hanging out with friends. 


Hunttyr has been with Tumble Center for about 3 years now. She started with taking classes and is now coaching. Hunttyr coaches level 3, level 4, specialty back handspring, back-tuck, and aerial classes . Some things she enjoy’s about her job is helping kids learn how to do new things and meeting new people. Hunttyr has loved to tumble since she was a little girl, She also has been dancing for over 12 years now. When she isn’t coaching you can see her four wheeling and being in the wilderness or the out doors. She is also a huge animal lover! 


Makayla is a former Allstar Cheerleader at Tumble Central and we are so excited to have her back as a coach now! She loves working with all ages and helping them learn new things as well as herself. Makayla loves Tumble Central because of its family aspect, she enjoys making new friendships and always having people around her. When not coaching you can find her hanging out with friends and family while exploring the outdoors. Makayla is CPR, AED, and First-Aid certified. 


Lucy is one of our newest coaches and we are so thrilled to have her upbeat and happy energy in the gym. Lucy is currently a senior at wasatch high and is spending her fourth and final year on the Wasatch high school cheer team. Lucy is serving as varsity captain and has a background in choreography. Lucy has worked with many ages at tumble central including many different levels. She loves getting involved and learning new ways to coach everyday. Lucy loves tumble central because of all of the new athletes she gets to meet every week. When she is not coaching or at cheer, Lucy loves watching documentaries with her mom and eating strawberries! She has never been on a plane but hopes to go to Greece one day. Lucy also hopes to create a career in choreography or coaching outside of high school!! 


Brock has been with Tumble Central for over a year coaching parkour and tumbling. He loves playing games with the kids and joining them in various skills challenges. He loves watching them progress through new skills and working their way up towards more advanced skills. He also loves learning from the other coaches as he progresses himself. Outside of work he enjoys running, playing lacrosse and hanging out with friends.


Juliet has been with Tumble Central for almost 2 years now and has loved being apart of the TC family. Juliet has coached both tumbling and cheer and is currently coaching Everest, one of our Allstar cheer teams. She is also one of our Allstar athletes. Juliet has a large background in dancing and enjoys working on choreography with our athletes. Her favorite part about Tumble Central is that their is never a stopping point, there is always room to grow as an athlete and a coach. Coaching is one of her biggest passions and hopes to continue coaching in her future. When she is not coaching she loves spending time with friends, hanging out with family, and being outside! 


Allie has been an athlete at Tumble Central for 6 years. Last season Allie was brought on as a coach for our competitive mini cheer team and has loved every second of it! Allie is currently a freshman at Wasatch High School and is loving her new role as a member of the Wasatch High School cheer team. Allie loves passing on her knowledge and love for cheer to anyone who wants to learn. She loves the years she has spent at Tumble Central and continuously grows as a coach and athlete every day. Allie is CPR and AED certified. Outside of coaching she loves tumbling, boating, shopping, spending her moms money, and sleeping. 


Lily has been with Tumble Central for over 2 years now as an athlete, she is another one of our newest coaches and we love the energy she brings to the gym. She is currently coaching our beginner classes. Lily loves coaching because she loves kids! She enjoys seeing the progress they can make in such short periods of time! When she is not coaching you can see her cheering, hanging out with friends and family. 


Paige has been with tumble central for 8 years. She did recreational cheer for 1 year and Allstar Cheerleading for 7. This is her first year coaching and she coaches mini peak! Shes always loved competing at competitions and also competing in individual jump offs. Even though this is Paige’s first year coaching she loves watching the athletes grow and learn! Paige’s favorite thing about Tumble Central is the fun environment! She has made tons of memories and loves being in the gym with everyone! Paige is now on the Wasatch High School cheer team! when she’s not coaching she loves being with her team, watching movies, and being with all her friends and family!