Vaughn Hokanson, Owner

Vaughn has loved tumbling and gymnastics from childhood. After competing in artistic gymnastics, Vaughn transitioned into power tumbling in Highschool. After taking a state championship, Vaughn fell in love with coaching. As the oldest of 11 he is a natural with children, and he has now been coaching power tumbling and gymnastics for over 18 years in 8 gyms and 5 states. He has attended USAG training camps at the Olympic Training Center, has hosted Gold Medal Olympians in his program to train his students, has led all-around teams to regional competitions and 1st place finishes, and has helped many hundreds of tumblers and cheerleaders gain fundamental skills.


Vaughn LOVES TUMBLING! While coaching, he earned an Interdisciplinary Bachelor in English, Philosophy, and Child Development and a Juris Doctor degree focused on Entrepreneurship and Policy in Education. Vaughn found Lance in 2018 through his legal studies, and in 2019 Vaughn, with his wife and boys, moved back home to Utah to partner with Lance and empower their shared vision called Epic Education.

Tausha Wilde, Founder 

Tausha Wilde brings many years of experience to the program. She has over 20 years of power tumbling, dance, recreational tumbling and allstar cheer, both as an athlete and a coach. She is credentialed in USASF cheer building and tumbling, Positive Coaching Alliance, AACAA safety, ASEP safety, CPR and First Aid.

While not teaching, Tausha spends her time with her husband Bridger and children, Austin (10) and Charli (8). They love spending their time playing outdoors. Tausha and her staff believe in teaching developmentally appropriate tumbling and cheer skills that build strong self-esteems, courageous and confident athletes in a fun filled, safe and friendly environment.

Tavia Garver 

Tavia has been with Tumble Central for 7 years both as an athlete and a coach. She tumbled for 5 years and was an Allstar cheerleader for 4 years. Tavia danced for 8 years and competed for 3 years. Tavia has coached all ages at Tumble Central of tumbling, recreational cheer, Allstar cheer, and parkour. Tavia prides herself on helping others accomplish their goals and providing a fun environment for all ages!


Tavia is a USASF member and first aid and CPR certified. Tavia's favorite thing about Tumble Central is working with amazing co-workers and watching her students grow and succeed. When not coaching Tavia enjoys cooking, crafting, camping, and spending quality time with family. 

Kaleb Weyandt

Kaleb has been with Tumble Central for over 3 years and has coached at every level that Tumble Central offers. Currently,  he coaches Parkour, Back handspring/Aerial, as well as Intermediate and Advanced tumbling classes. Kaleb brings more than 13 years of experience to Tumble Central, both as an athlete and coach. Kaleb has coached recreational tumbling, was the Assistant Captain on the UVSC cheer team, and was Captain on the cheer team while he attended SLCC. He is a USASF member and is certified in CPR and First Aid.


Kaleb has a great love for Tumbling and Cheerleading. We are pleased that he shares his passion with us, and coaches our students to help them to reach their goals and gain confidence to further their progression. Kaleb joined the U.S. Army and served on active duty for over 7 years. He is currently serving in the U.S. Army Reserves. Kaleb lives in Midway and has 3 wonderful little boys.

Becca Hoffner


Becca has been with Tumble Central for almost a year and currently coaches beginning tumbling, preschool tumbling and recreation cheer classes.  Becca has been involved with Power Tumbling, Trampoline and Double Mini Trampoline for 20+ years.  She started as an athlete and was a level 10 competitor on the Trampoline and Double Mini Trampoline apparatuses.  She also became a certified Power Tumbling Coach at the age of 14.  She is now is a certified CAT2 Competition Judge, and

Has been judging for the past 10 years.  Becca is also certified in CPR and First Aid.


When Becca is not at the gym or judging competitions, she spends her time at home with her family - husband Eric, kiddos Declan (7), Shae (5) and Mannix (3).  She loves to be outside, camping, riding four wheelers at the sand dunes, spending time with family, playing LOTS of card and board games and loves to read.

Tashiauna Parker

Tashiauna has been with TCA for a little bit over a year. The teams and classes she coach are Tiny Timber’s, Trailblazer, Switchback and Venture. She has been coaching competitive cheerleading for 5 years. "I love working with such talented athletes in Heber Utah!" Tashiauna is CPR and First aid certified as well as USAF, NFHS certified. She travels from Bluffdale Utah to Heber Utah 2X a weeks to coach her athletes and wouldn’t trade it for the world!

Dallan Croney 

Dallan is new to our TC family and has been coaching at Tumble Central for 5 months.

Dallan is the head coach of our parkour program and coaches beginner, Intermediate, and advanced tumbling. He has practiced parkour and freerunning for 6 years and has been tumbling for 1 year. Dallan's favorite thing about Tumble Central is the positive atmosphere and being able to help kids! When not coaching things he likes to do are parkour/tumbling and fitness, and being with family and friends! 

Bekah Glenn

Bekah has been coaching at Tumble Central for 3 years. She currently coaches preschool, beginner, back handspring/ aerial, intermediate and advanced tumbling classes as well as helping with parkour and coaching all-star cheer. Bekah has been involved in recreational tumbling for over 10 years and participated in recreational, all-star, and highschool cheerleading for 8 years. She loves the positive environment at Tumble Central, and her favorite part of coaching here is being able to help the students achieve their goals and watching their faces light up when they get a new skill. When she’s not coaching, Bekah enjoys hiking, singing, and spending time with her family. 

Seth Wright

Seth has been coaching with Tumble Central for 2 years and Is loving it! He coaches the parkour classes and tumbling classes. Seth has been doing parkour for 4 years and has started working more on his tumbling when he started working here. He loves coaching here because of the other coaches and the progression that I experience working with them and the students. Seth also does cross country and is a track athlete for Wasatch High School. Seth is excited to work with the students more and to help them progress in every aspect of their lives!

Shaylee Murdock 


Shaylee has been with Tumble Central for 5 years both as an athlete and coach. She coaches Tiny Timbers, Tiny Trailblazers, Switchback, and tumbling classes. Shaylee loves working with all of her athletes and enjoys having the gym as one big family. Shaylee is an All star cheerleader at the gym and loves taking what she learns and applies it to her students. When not working Shaylee enjoys making jewelry and doing nails. 

Ashley Baer

Ashley AKA "Coach Baer" is going into her third year as the Head Coach at Park City High School. She is passionate about building a love for cheer in her community. Ashley is from Clearwater, Florida where she coached competitive cheer for 5 years before moving to Park City. She grew up with a love for cheer and competitive gymnastics. Ashley is excited to be a part of the Tumble Central family and looks forward to building lasting relationships with all of the athletes.


When not working, Ashley spends all of her time with her family. Her husband Christopher and her 3 children. Dawson 5, Camden 6, and Makayla 12. Ashley loves animals, the outdoors, and cooking. 

Kenzie Adair

This is Kenzie Adair’s 2 year with TC. She is a high school student at Wasatch High School. She danced for 11 years, cheered with TC for 1. Now she is a cheerleader for Wasatch High School. She teaches beginner, preschool, and Prep Cheer! “I enjoy working with my girls! I look forward to working with them every week and grow a friendship with the girls.“ Kenzie’s favorite thing about TCA is growing as a family with the staff and the kids. She loves working with the young cheer girls and being able to help them learn what they want when they are older. When she’s not working she enjoys cheering at games, being around her friends, watching movies, and going on vacations! She also really enjoys running and working out with her friends.